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Targeting US gun laws

New voices are joining the push for reform, but can they succeed where others have failed?

Mass shootings like the recent deadly attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, have become a fixture of American life. They shock and horrify, but are then repeated. Calls to reform US gun laws grow louder after each shooting, but are defeated by the National Rifle Association and its supporters. 

The LGBT community, the American Medical Association and others are trying to change that pattern. LGBT activists are among the most powerful and effective organisers in the country.

As they join forces with survivors of gun violence and victims’ families, could this new coalition succeed where others have failed?

On today’s episode, we speak with:

Geraldine Hills @AZforGunSafety
Founder, Arizonans for Gun Safety

Richard Feldman @IFoAusa
CEO, Independent Firearm Owners Association 

James Krellenstein @actupny
Member, ACT UP New York

Richard Moran
Professor of sociology, Mount Holyoke College

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