From: The Stream

Deadly clashes as north east Indian state passes controversial land law

Violence erupts in Manipur as bill reinforces tensions between tribes and migrants.

Eight people were killed and more than 30 injured in clashes between protesters and police in India’s northeastern state, Manipur, home to many tribal communities. Tribal groups in northeastern India are criticising legislation they say will erode their land rights. Groups also burned the houses of numerous lawmakers, after the state passed the controversial laws.

One of the bills passed by the state in a bid to protect the rights of indigenous people is being rejected by tribal groups who say it will make it easier for outsiders to acquire land. Locals argue this will threaten their right to ancestral property and allow the government to grab their land. Manipur has also been facing an influx of migrants from neighbouring Myanmar and other parts of India. The government, however, argued the bill would actually slow down the process for land purchases from outsiders. 

Using #ManipurBurning, many criticised the government, as well as media coverage of the issue. Affiliated student groups around the country also carried out protests: