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Gaza’s shattered children

How are children dealing with mental trauma in the aftermath of the 2014 war?

It’s been one year since fifty days of violence tore the Gaza Strip apart, and for many of its youngest residents the pain of war continues. More than five hundred children were killed in the offensive, and thousands more lost parents and family members, leaving physical and psychological scars. According to a report by Save the Children the majority of children living in Gaza’s hardest hit areas are showing signs of severe emotional distress and trauma. They live in fear of another war, suffer from nightmares and many refuse to attend school. Reminders of the destruction remain, children still play in uncleared rubble and homelessness is widespread. The United Nations estimates more than 300,000 children need psychological support in order to fully recover, making rebuilding their lives a slow and difficult process.  We speak to professionals on the ground to understand what Gazan children are dealing with. 


In this episode, the Stream speaks with:


Pernille Ironside @PernilleUNICEF
Chief of Gaza Field Office, UNICEF

Yasser Abu Jamei

Arwa Mhanna @ArwaMhanna
Communications officer, Oxfam 


Farah Baker @Farah_Gazan
Gazan resident


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