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#QueremosAutoconsumo: Spaniards want to keep solar power free

Spanish citizens are protesting a law they saw will tax sunshine.

Spanish citizens are angrily protesting a proposal to impose taxes on the use of solar energy. On Monday, the plan, presented by Spain’s Ministry of Industry, was rejected in a citizen manifesto signed by opposition parties, environmental groups and renewable energy organisations, among many others. It outlines a commitment to the consumption of renewable energy “without discriminatory barriers”. 

Solar panels are one of the world’s fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. Taking advantage of the country’s abundant sunshine, Spanish citizens are increasing their solar use, resulting in a decreased demand for traditional electricity and a cut into utility profits. 

Proposed legislation would impose a charge for homes and businesses, $10 and $40 per kilowatt, respectively. Violators would be subject to a $68 million fine – double the maximum for leaking radioactive nuclear waste. 

Twitter users are reacting with #QueremosAutoconsumo (We want self-consumption):  

@GilaTwits: Putting a tax on the sun is the stupidest thing in human history. Image reads: ‘Another ‘anti-establishment’ trying to take advantage of self-consumption energy…’