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After Charleston, US gun control still unlikely

Victims of gun violence share their stories with The Stream.

Americans are once again mourning the victims of a mass shooting. President Obama has expressed the frustration of many saying a legislative solution to gun violence is unlikely with advocates standing their ground arguing they will not give up their weapons. Gunfire kills tens of thousands in the United States each year, and costs the country more than $220 billion annually. So why are guns in the hands of so many American citizens? The US Constitution’s Bill of Rights guarantees the right to bear arms, and according to one polling organisation the majority of Americans believe gun rights outweigh the need for gun control. As the debate about ownership and access continues, we look at the issue through the eyes of survivors of gun violence. Join us at 1930 GMT.

In this episode, we speak to:

Abbey Clements @abbeyclements
Former Sandy Hook school teacher

Jennifer Longdon @JenLongdon
Gun violence survivor

Philip Daniel Russo @PDanielRusso
Lost his wife in a mass shooting

Nate Pendleton @HadiyasPromise
Founder of the Hadiya’s Promise Foundation

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