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‘Decolonising’ South African universities

The Stream looks at a South African student movement that’s taking on their country’s history with British colonialism.

South African students want to rid “white supremacy” from campuses and school curriculum. For about a month, University of Cape Town students have been calling for the removal of a statue of British coloniser Cecil Rhodes, uniting under the slogan #RhodesMustFall. The current controversy speaks to a wider discussion on how universities can be more reflective of a diverse student body. Join the conversation at 1930GMT.

In this episode, we speak to:

Kealeboga Ramaru
Student member, Rhodes Must Fall Movement

Elelwani Ramugondo
Associate professor, University of Cape Town

Wabantu Hlophe @YalieAfricans
Student, Yale African Students Association

Brian Kwoba @briankwoba
Student, Oxford Pan-Afrikan Forum

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