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Video: ‘Dutch children apologise for terrorism’

#LetsUnite campaign shows children apologising after being told they look like those responsible for recent attacks.

A new video is challenging the “guilt by association” many face for sharing the ethnic background of violent people. The short film shows several children being forced to apologise after being told they look like the attackers behind last month’s Charlie Hebdo killings in France and the 2011 Norway massacre. 

Abdelkarim El-Fassi, the producer, explained the effect of collective guilt on the video’s YouTube page: “This has to stop, otherwise the problem will fester on for generations to come. I don’t want my nephew Hamza, who can be seen in the film, to be held accountable for matters that have nothing to do with him”.

El-Fassi also created the video for the #DoYouCare campaign, which focused on the deaths of Gazan children during Israel’s 2014 offensive