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#18F: Argentines call for ‘silence’ to allow Nisman investigation to continue

Silent march planned for February 18 gains traction.

Less than a week before its scheduled date, Argentina’s “Silent March” for slain prosecutor Alberto Nisman is already gaining momentum online, with the supportive hashtag #18F being used more than 110,000 times.

On February 18, which will mark one month since Nisman was found dead, Argentine lawyers plan to march from Congress to his former office. The prosecutor’s death, which is currently being investigated, occurred during his probe into an alleged cover-up involving President Cristina Kirchner. 

Federal prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan told reporters that next week’s demonstration is not meant to be political. “We want this silence to represent the peace we need and the peace that investigators need to solve the case,” Marijuan said.

Many on Twitter shared supportive messages and images, as well as this video promoting the march: