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Colour of pollution: Environmental racism

With pollution affecting US minorities more than whites, is environmental justice a civil right?

If you’re black, Asian or Latino in the United States, you’re more likely to breath polluted air than if you’re white. And if you’re white but poor, the likelihood of being exposed to industrial pollution is higher, too. The federal agency monitoring these issues is crafting a new environmental justice plan, but critics say it fails to protect vulnerable communities from toxins trapping them in poverty and poor health. Join us Tuesday at 1930 GMT.

On today’s episode, we speak to: 

Gregory Mitchell
Representative, The Concerned Citizens of University Place Subdivision

Julian Mocine-McQueen @GreenForAll
Director of Education and Outreach, Green For All

Samuel Corona
Community advocate, Southeast Environmental Task Force

Rebecca Newberry @rrnewberry 
Executive Director, Clean Air

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