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Indians on Twitter tell UK to keep their PM

#KeepModiGiveKohinoor trends on Twitter during PM Modi’s UK visit.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three day UK tour has sparked a wave of backlash online. #KeepModiGiveKohinoor exploded on Twitter gaining over 11k mentions in the past day, trending in both India and the UK. 

Modi’s visit, which began on Thursday, is expected to produce better trade relations with the UK, but his arrival was met with protesters upset by intolerance back home. Opposition leader, Slaman Nizman, who allegedly started the hashtag, echoed this sentiment online. Nizami sarcastically told the UK to keep his country’s PM, and instead return the 105 carat Kohinoor diamond, taken in the mid-19th century by the East India Company as a mark of Britain’s colonial rule. Others offered different deals.