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No such thing as race in Sweden?

The Stream examines the debate around government plans to remove all mentions of race from Swedish law.

Is the fight against racism possible without legal references to race? Sweden plans to remove all mentions of race from Swedish law, arguing the concept of race is a social construct that carries a negative connotation and is likely to lead to prejudice. However, those who oppose the plan, like the National Afro-Swedish Association, say racism cannot be effectively fought if the concept of race itself does not exist in law. What do you think? Join us at 1930GMT. 

On this episode of The Stream, we speak to: 

Erik Ullenhag @erikullenhag
Integration Minister, Sweden

Tobias Hubinette @TobiasHubinette
Researcher, The Multicultural Centre

Ivar Arpi @Ivarpi
Editor, Neo Magazine

Kitimbwa Sabuni @CafePanAfrika
Secretary General, Afro-Swedish National Association

David Linden @davidlinden1
Editorial writer, Boras Tidning

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