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Mapping micronations

Passports, currencies and flags: We discuss what it takes to create your own country.

Photo via Flickr user Ryan Lackey [Creative Commons]

Some are born into positions of power, others marry into it. Then there are those who establish their own nations. Micronations, or self-proclaimed entities that assert independence as sovereign states, exist around the world, some only in cyberspace. Although rarely recognised, a few of the more established micronations, like the Principality of Sealand,  have passports, currency, a flag and even stamps. On Thursday we’ll speak with four royal micronation heads of state. Join the conversation with them at 1930GMT. 

On today’s episode, we speak with:

Jeremiah Heaton 
Micronation of North Sudan

Michael Howorth @saltyseadog  
Micronation of Redonda

Carolyn Shelby @Queen_Ladonia
Micronation of Ladonia

Michael Bates @sealandprince
Micronation of Sealand

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