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#LetAymanReport trends after NBC correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin reportedly pulled out of Gaza

Viewers call for US network to continue Mohyeldin’s coverage from Gaza.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald published an article saying NBC News correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin was ordered to leave Gaza. Greenwald cited an unnamed NBC source who said Mohyeldin was pulled for “security concerns.” Greenwald also said Mohyeldin was “removed completely” from reporting on Gaza by an NBC executive.

NBC has not provided any official statement regarding Mohyeldin’s departure from Gaza.

Mohyeldin is a former Al Jazeera English correspondent who reported exclusively from Gaza with fellow correspondent Sherine Tadros during the 2008-2009 Israeli offensive known as Operation Cast Lead.

Using #LetAymanReport, some are demanding answers and calling for NBC to let Mohyeldin continue his coverage from Gaza.