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Taiwan’s ‘sunflower movement’ wary of Chinese ties

A free-trade pact with China has Taiwanese student protesters concerned over the future of the island.

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In what’s been dubbed the “sunflower student movement”, hundreds of youths in Taipei have occupied parliament to oppose a China-Taiwan trade pact and to call for greater government transparency. Protesters say the trade deal will cost Taiwan jobs and economic independence, while those who support the measure believe more business with China will keep the island economically competitive. Anger over the trade agreement also speaks to the larger issue on the minds of many Taiwanese – the growing dominance of China over the island. Join the conversation Monday, March 31 at 19:30 GMT.

In this episode, The Stream speaks with:

Lin Chu-Chia
Deputy Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council

Roy Chun Lee
Deputy Director of the Taiwan WTO Center

Lin Fei-fan 
Student leader of the Sunflower Movement

Wu Rui-Ren
Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica 

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