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Thousands say pick-up artist ‘sexist and racist’, demand hotel cancel seminar

Petition accuses self-proclaimed ‘leader in dating advice’, Julien Blanc, of advocating abuse.

UPDATE: The Como Melbourne hotel has cancelled Julien Blanc’s seminar. Petition and hashtag creator Jennifer Li has now shifted the campaign toward cancelling other seminars by Blanc’s agency.

Pick-up artist Julien Blanc’s upcoming speaking event in Melbourne, Australia has prompted thousands to join a campaign against his controversial dating advice.  

An executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, Blanc travels the world teaching “thousands of clients how to pick up the hottest women” (note: his website contains graphic language and situations). With provocative advice on “how to become sex-worthy”, Blanc’s approach has prompted many to call his lectures “misogynist and offensive”.

From a Twitter account that claims to be Julien Blanc’s, the pick up artist tweeted photos of himself choking women he met in public places: