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#MySecurityMyRight: Kenyans call for action after massacre

Twitter users criticise government response to al-Shabab bus attack.

Kenyans are denouncing their government’s “security lapses” after a massacre of bus passengers by al-Shabab. On Saturday, the Somali armed group attacked a bus on the Kenyan border, then singled out and killed 28 non-Muslim travelers.

Soon after the attack, the Kenyan government said its troops killed more than 100 al-Shabab rebels during raids in Somalia, a claim al-Shabab denied

Kenyan activists are planning a rally for November 25 on Nairobi’s Harambee Avenue. They are demanding a public inquiry into the “failings of the security system” and greater parliamentary oversight of military operations. 

Many are using #OccupyHarambeeAvenue, #MySecurityMyRight and #ManderaBusAttack on Twitter.