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The new front in the abortion fight

Are new US regulations protecting women’s health or restricting their reproductive choices?

Should a foetus be legally represented when a girl under 18 wants an abortion? Alabama says yes and allows judges to retain a lawyer for “the interests of the unborn”. It’s an example of legislation sweeping southern US states as anti-abortion activists push their cause. A second front are laws singling out abortion clinics for medical regulations. Things like corridor width, parking lot size and requiring admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Groups pushing these measures claim they protect a woman’s health. Critics say they mean to end abortion rights. Join us at 1930GMT.  

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Michelle Kinsey Bruns @ClinicEscort
Abortion clinic escort

Julian McPhillips @alabamainjury
Attorney and local anti-abortion rights advocate

Shelley Abrams @ShelleyAbrams
Executive Director, Capital Women’s Health Clinic 

Terri Herring @Terri_Herring
President, PLAN for Mississippi

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