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How big was the SodaStream backlash?

How social media burst Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson’s bubble.

Image via tumblr user wobject.

UPDATE: On October 29, 2014, Sodastream announced it will move its West Bank factory to Levahim, Israel in 2015. A representative of the company said the decision was for “purely commercial” reasons.

From an ad to stir up interest in carbonated beverages to a dropped partnership between a Hollywood actress and a humanitarian group, some netizens continue to dissect every move made by Scarlett Johansson and SodaStream

In the most recent twist, Johansson and international non-profit organisation Oxfam parted ways, ending an eight-year relationship. In a statement released Thursday, the aid and development charity accepted Johansson’s resignation as its global ambassador.  

Oxfam said, “…Ms. Johansson’s role promoting the company SodaStream is incompatible with her role as an Oxfam Global Ambassador”. 

Sodastream, an Israeli company, has faced international backlash for the location of its manufacturing plant, which is located in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.  

While many commended Oxfam’s move, others discussed Johansson’s decision to continue her work with SodaStream.