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Pakistan’s contraception controversy

Can a racy condom ad spark a national conversation about family planning?

Josh Condoms from DKT Pakistan – Mathira

Pakistan’s first openly sexual condom ad aired in July and was quickly pulled, but not without causing a stir. In a country where family planning conversations are filled with religious overtones, it broke a number of taboos – portraying sex for pleasure and limiting family size. Health workers already face challenges with family planning initiatives, and claim this ad is disruptive to their work. Supporters of the commercial’s message say it’s time for Pakistan to face reality when it comes to sex and contraception. So what’s the best solution for the world’s sixth most populous country? 

In this episode, we speak to:

Mathira Mohammad @IamMathira
Actress and model
Rakhshinda Perveen @SurvivorWins
Founder, Islamabad chapter, Pakistan Reproductive Health Network
Juan Enrique Garcia @DKTchangeslives
Director, DKT International Pakistan
Khalid Zaheer
Scholar, Understanding Islam UK 
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