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Kidnapped by a parent

What are the challenges of solving international child abductions?

Are parental child abductions going unpunished? Canadian and U.S. data suggest most international child abductions are committed by a family member. Typically, the parent left behind has sole custody and believes they have legal protection when their kids are taken abroad. Instead, they find themselves stuck in a slow and expensive bureaucratic system desperately searching for help. We discuss the challenges of solving international child abduction cases at 1930GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Stephen Watkins @iCHAPEAU_Law
Founder of iCHAPEAU
Martin Waage @Abducted
Director of ABP World Group
Jeremy Morley @jeremydmorley
International family lawyer
Jacquelyn Abbott
Defendant, ‘Abbott v. Abbott’

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