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South Korea’s multiculturalism

How is the nation dealing with its growing diversity?

A multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society is an emerging reality that is leading to a lot of racial and social discord in South Korea. Faced with an aging population and an influx of migrant wives, many are clinging to their “one-blood” ethnically homogenous national identity. Today the government is scrambling to focus a sound multicultural vision for the country. How are South Koreans adapting to their rapidly changing population?

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Cindy Lou Howe @eventherivers
Director, “Even the Rivers”

Gregory Diggs-Yang @theMACKfdn
President, The Mack Foundation

Also on Google Hangout: Yoo Eun Lee @yoonlee27, Sajin Kwok, and Sarah Shaw @mappingwords.

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