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The “N” word

The Stream speaks with Cornel West about language, race, and racism in the US.

Have African-Americans reclaimed racist language? The “N” word has always been associated with the crimes of slavery, but today with the influence of the hip-hop industry it has evolved into a term of endearment used within the community. However, debate continues, as many fear this is disconnecting black youth from their history and making the word acceptable. Join the conversation with Dr. Cornel West.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Cornel West, @CornelWest
Philosopher and academic

Mychal Denzel Smith, @mychalsmith
Author, contributor for The Nation

Akiba Solomon, @colorlines
Managing editor, Colorlines

Raquel Cepeda, @RaquelCepeda
Author, documentary filmmaker

Tim Wise, @timjacobwise
Author, Dear White America: Letter to a new minority

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