From: The Stream

Outrage in Lebanon after man microwaves cat

Lebanese online demand tougher animal protection laws after video goes viral.

Screenshot from Facebook.

A video that appears to show a Lebanese man microwaving his cat has gone viral, angering many online and shedding light on Lebanese law, which provides little protection for animals abused by their owners. 
In the one-minute video (warning: graphic), the man, reportedly identified as Hassan Hammoud, can be seen turning on the microwave with the cat inside. After a few seconds, he takes the panicking cat out, before putting it back in. Despite the cat clawing at the door attempting to escape, Hammoud manages to close the door. He then turns the microwave on for another eight seconds, during which the cat yowls in pain before being released. 
Many have responded by calling for Hassan and the person behind the camera, identified as Mohammad Jallad, to be prosecuted. However, according to animal rights organisation Animals Lebanon, there is little that can be done.