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Food deserts in the US

What do they mean for low-income communities?

The idea of abundance in the US is more of a mirage than a reality. Although it is one of the largest food producing countries in the world, food deserts have become a real urban problem. This means a little more than a quarter of the country’s 311 million people live in an area with low or no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. On the next Stream we look at the politics and social injustice behind food deserts. How do they occur in a land of such plenty?

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Mari Gallagher @GallagherMari
Mari Gallagher Research & Consulting Group
Tanya Fields @theblkprojek
Founder, The BLK ProjeK
Shamar Hemphill @imancentral
Organizing director, I.M.A.N.
Noah Stephens @peopleofdetroit
Founder, The People of Detroit

Ladonna Redmond @LivingGoddess
Founder, Campaign for Food Justice Now

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View the full infographic: What is a ‘food desert’?