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To catch a leak

Does the US government have a monopoly on transparency?

Does the Obama administration have a double standard when it comes to national security leaks? The US Department of Justice has set an unprecedented record for the number of prosecutions against government whistle-blowers who have leaked classified information to expose federal misconduct. At the same time, critics say no one has been prosecuted for leaks to the media that have served to benefit Obama politically.

We discuss the legal actions against government whistle-blowers and the laws that are meant to protect them.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Jesselyn Radack @JesselynRadack
National Security and Human Rights Director, Government Accountability Project

John Kiriakou @JohnKiriakou
Former CIA officer

Elizabeth Goitein @BrennanCenter
Co-Director, Liberty & National Security, Brennan Center for Justice

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