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Hospital acquired infections

These deadly new diseases are on the rise and are resistant to antibiotics.


Each week The Pulse showcases topical stories from around the world and from laboratories working on new cures, vaccines and treatments.

Hospital acquired infections

Hospital acquired infections are on
the rise in the UK

Hospital acquired infections like MRSA and C Difficile are on the increase in the UK. They are all the more frightening because they are resistant to antibiotics.

The Pulse talks to Julie Storr of the Global Patient Safety Alliance and looks at the latest science to combat these deadly new diseases.


Hib causes Meningitis, severe brain damage and death. But a new vaccine is available that has caused a massive drop in Hib infections.

The Pulse travels to the Gambia to take a look.

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Episode 12 of The Pulse aired from Monday January 14, 2008

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