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Combating Pneumococcal disease

It kills 800,000 children a year but scientists may have found a vaccine.


Each week The Pulse showcases topical stories from around the world and from laboratories working on new cures, vaccines and treatments.

Pneumococcal disease

One in five women die in childbirth in
Taloqan, Afghanistan

Pneumococcal disease is a major global health problem killing more than 800,000 children a year. It is difficult to diagnose and cases often go untreated until it is too late.

Now scientists have tested a new vaccine containing strains of the disease present in the developing world.

The Pulse visits Kenya and South Africa and talks to Orin Levine of PneumoADIP to learn more.

Infant mortality

The Pulse then visits Taloqan in Afghanistan, in a province where one in five women die in childbirth. It also has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates.

We look at a new midwife-training scheme that it is hoped will save lives.

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Episode 8 of The Pulse aired from Monday December 17, 2007

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