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The fight to eradicate Polio

There were just 400 cases in 2001 but by 2006 this had increased to 2000.


Each week The Pulse showcases topical stories from around the world and from laboratories working on new cures, vaccines and treatments.




The WHO wants to eradicate Polio but there are
still outbreaks and it is spreading

The World Health Organisation wants to eradicate Polio, but there are still outbreaks and it is spreading. 


In 2001 there were only 400 cases and the WHO was confident it could be beaten. In 2006 there were over 2000 cases reported in 10 countries.


With Dr Naveed Sadozai of the WHO in the studio to talk about the future of Polio eradication, we investigate the latest progress.




The Pulse looks at the campaign to eradicate one of the world’s most debilitating diseases, Elephantiasis.


More than one billion people in 80 countries are at risk of the disease. Mass drug distribution campaigns are helping to eliminate it.


The Pulse visits Ghana and looks at the effect of mass drug distribution.


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Episode 4 of The Pulse aired from Monday November 19, 2007


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