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Antiwar protests and limits on freedoms in the United States

Antiwar protests sweep across university campuses in the United States. The police response – the violence – has been shocking and so has some of the reporting from the US mainstream media.

Paula Chakravartty – Professor of media, New York University
Noura Erakat – Co-founding editor, Jadaliyya
Adel Iskandar – Professor of global communication, Simon Fraser University
Elijah Kahlenberg – Student activist, University of Texas at Austin

On our radar:

During two weeks of protests, journalism students at Columbia University have gone from journalists in training to journalists on the job. Producer Meenakshi Ravi reports on how student reporters have become the primary source of news on campuses.

Mehdi Hasan: US journalists ‘whip up hysteria, misrepresent facts on the ground’

Mehdi Hasan, founder and editor-in-chief of Zeteo, discusses how the media portrayal of campus protests against a “genocide” has somehow been even worse than the coverage of the “genocide” itself.


Mehdi Hasan