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Modi’s media marathon

As Narendra Modi fights for a third term in office, his media blitz is like nothing he has done before.

With voter turnout in India’s elections unexpectedly low, traditionally interview-shy Prime Minister Narendra Modi is spending more time with journalists than ever before.

Abhik Deb – Reporter,
Maya Mirchandani – Associate Professor, Ashoka University
Pragya Tiwari – Writer & Co-Founder, Indian History Collective
Siddharth Varadarajan – Founding Editor, The Wire

On our radar:

This week, the International Criminal Court announced its intention to seek arrest warrants for the leaders of Israel and Hamas. Tariq Nafi reports on how the decision came about and the reactions it has provoked.

The headline fixer

Eight months of Israel’s war on Gaza has shone an often unflattering spotlight on media coverage by mainstream United States news outlets. Historian Assal Rad explains the mission she has undertaken to “fix” misleading headlines.


Assal Rad – Research Director, National Iranian American Council