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Dissecting the ‘TikTok problem’

What’s the US’s issue with TikTok? Is it data security, secret Chinese influence or pro-Palestinian content?

The threat to ban TikTok in the United States has prompted an online backlash. Critics question the premise that Chinese ownership poses a security risk and suggest the real reason may be the surge in pro-Palestinian content since October 7.

Julia Angwin – Tech Policy Writer, New York Times; Founder, Proof News
Russel Brandom – Tech Editor, Rest Of The World
Marwa Fatafta – MENA Policy and Advocacy Director, Access Now
Evan Greer – Director, Fight for the Future

On our radar:

In yet another deadly raid on Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital, Israel abducted Palestinian journalists covering the story – including one of Al Jazeera’s own. Producer Nicholas Muirhead reports.

Why Russia has looted Ukraine’s art

Following Vladimir Putin’s expected re-election this week, we’re revisiting a story about the Russian military’s targeting of Ukraine’s heritage. Producer Tariq Nafi explores how Russia’s war on Ukrainian culture is designed to rewrite history and weaken the country’s resistance.

Milena Chorna – Head of International Exhibitions, War Museum in Ukraine
Alina Dotsenko – Director, Kherson Regional Art Museum
Ihor Poshyvailo – General Director, Maidan Museum