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The video that shattered the silence around Manipur

Internet blackouts, media silence and political neglect – the case of the Indian state of Manipur. Plus, reporting conflict using satellite imagery.

A viral video revealing a shocking case of sexual assault has put the northeastern Indian state of Manipur on the radar and shed light on a place that the mainstream media has paid scant attention to.

Anubha Bhonsle – Founder, Newsworthy
Samrat Choudhury – Journalist and author, Northeast India: A Political History
Patricia Mukhim – Editor, The Shillong Times
Sushant Singh – Consulting editor, The Caravan; senior fellow, Centre for Policy Research

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Satellite imagery: the final frontier for news?

Satellites have entered the newsroom, but are they the all-seeing eye their makers claim them to be? Producer Ahmed Madi reports on the stories they are telling – and the stories they aren’t.

Michael Cruickshank – Geospatial analyst and open-source journalist
Chris Quilty – Satellite and space industry analyst; CEO, Quilty Analytics
Lisa Parks – Director, Global Media Technologies & Cultures Lab; author, Cultures in Orbit: Satellites and the Televisual