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The refugee crisis: A European horror story

A mass drowning of refugees at sea – and the media coverage and politics in its wake. Plus, the perilous state of media in Algeria.

The most recent tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea – a boat of 750 refugees capsizing off Greece – has shed light on the European Union’s anti-immigration policies, the many media outlets reinforcing that message and the few independent ones that push back on the official narrative.

Giorgos Christides – journalist
Andrew Peter Geddes – professor of migration studies, European University Institute
Myria Georgiou – professor of media and communications, London School of Economics and Political Science
Andrew Stroehlein – European media and editorial director, Human Rights Watch

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a global diplomatic roadshow. Producer Meenakshi Ravi looks at the photo ops and image-making during his state visit to the United States.

The silencing of dissent in Algeria

This past week, one of Algeria’s leading journalists, Ihsane El Kadi, was sentenced to seven years in prison on what many say are bogus charges. Producer Flo Phillips reports on the silencing of independent media and dissent in Algeria under its current president and the military powers that be.

Daikha Dridi – former host, Radio M, and former editor, Middle East Eye
Tin Hinane El Kadi – daughter, Ihsane El Kadi, and associate fellow, Chatham House
Dalia Ghanem – senior analyst, EU Institute for Security Studies