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Dominion: The lawsuit that’s shaking Fox News

Lawsuits against Fox News aren’t new, but could an upcoming court case leave a mark on the network? Plus, Taiwan’s political satirists – taking digs at China.

United States media giant Fox News is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems, whose tabulating machines former president Donald Trump insists were rigged against him. The case has produced several “smoking guns”, showing that key figures at the network including its owner, Rupert Murdoch, knew Trump’s stolen election narrative was bogus, but chose to broadcast it anyway.

Peter Jukes – Author, The Fall of the House of Murdoch & co-founder, Byline Times
Jay Rosen – Associate professor, New York University
David Folkenflik – Media correspondent, NPR
Molly Jong-Fast – Special correspondent, Vanity Fair & host, Fast Politics podcast

On our radar:

Russians have been seeing a flurry of Ukraine-related media activity involving figures on both the pro and anti-Kremlin side – with a Fox News angle served up on the side. Meenakshi Ravi reports.

Parodying politics: Taiwan’s satirists

China versus Taiwan. A geopolitical mismatch that satirists are making the most of.

Chen Tzu-chien – Host & creator, EYECTV
Kylie Wang – Co-host, Bailingguo News
Yu-hui Tai – Associate professor, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University