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Gaza’s journalists: ‘Targets’ or ‘casualties’ of Israel’s war?

Gaza’s journalists are being killed at an unprecedented rate. Plus, Israel’s most powerful allies in the US – Christian Zionist broadcasters.

According to Gaza’s government media office, Israel’s military has now killed 97 journalists in the Strip. Israel has barred international media from entering Gaza, firsthand reporting on the onslaught there has been left to Palestinians already locked into the occupied territory – documenting their own genocide.

Amahl Bishara – Professor of anthropology, Tufts University
Arwa Damon – Former senior international correspondent, CNN
Sari Bashi – Program director, Human Rights Watch
Wael Dahdouh – Gaza bureau chief, Al Jazeera Arabic

On our radar:

The settler movement – which has placed 700,000 Israelis on the West Bank in complete contravention of international law – now has its eyes on Gaza. Producer Flo Phillips on Israeli developers’ plans in post-war Gaza.

The war in Gaza & the end times – the Christian Zionist view

Evangelicals in the United States – many of whom call themselves Christian Zionists – are some of the biggest supporters of Israel in the US, and they broadcast their support on TV and radio networks that have huge audiences.

Chrissy Stroop – Senior correspondent, Religion Dispatches
Melani McAlister – Author of The Kingdom of God Has No Borders
Sarah Posner – Journalist, author of Unholy