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Trauma and terror: What we are seeing from Gaza

Two months of war have produced a mountain of grim images from Gaza. Plus, the screws are tightening on Palestinian Israelis.

Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza is being witnessed in real time, with Palestinian civilians broadcasting their own bombardment; Israeli soldiers streaming sadistic acts of humiliation – proof of an historic crime. The question Palestinians are asking – urgently – is whether it will make any difference.

Ariella Aisha Azoulay – Professor of Modern Culture & Media, Brown University
Omar Al-Ghazzi – Associate Professor of Media & Communications, LSE
Ramzy Baroud – Editor-in-Chief, Palestine Chronicle
Yumna Patel – Palestine News Director, Mondoweiss

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Eighty-nine journalists have been killed in Gaza since October 7. Producer Tariq Nafi on the targeting of journalists, and their families, in Gaza.

Silenced and surveilled: Palestinian citizens of Israel

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens of Israel have been arrested for social media posts criticising Israel’s assault on Gaza. Rami Younis talks about the clampdown on Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

Rami Younis – Journalist, Former host of ‘On the Other Hand’, Makan 33