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How hospitals became ‘fair game’ in Israel’s war on Gaza

Has the media helped turn hospitals into targets in Gaza? Plus, what has October 7 meant for anti-war and anti-apartheid narratives in Israel?

The evidence provided by Israeli forces to justify their attacks on Gaza’s hospitals has come up short – and so has the news coverage.

Alice Rothchild – Health Advisory Council, Jewish Voice for Peace
Diana Buttu – Palestinian Lawyer
Meron Rapoport – Editor, Local Call
Yumna Patel – Palestine News Director, Mondoweiss

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Israeli politicians are calling for the transfer of Palestinians from Gaza. Producer Tariq Nafi reports on how they’re using the media to transmit the message loud and clear.

The Israeli anti-war Left: Where to next, after October 7?

A special interview with journalist and human rights activist Orly Noy on the pain and loneliness of the Israeli anti-war Left, post-October 7th.

Orly Noy – Chair, B’Tselem