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Poland: Elections in a time of broken media

A battered media sphere, anti-immigration rhetoric and euroscepticism: What’s at stake in Polish parliamentary elections. Plus, Russia’s war on Ukrainian culture.

With a week to go until elections in Poland, the ruling Law and Justice Party has used its control of the public broadcaster to drown out opposition voices and push its anti-European Union, anti-migrant messaging.

Jan Cienski – Senior Policy Editor, Politico Europe
Paulina Lenik – Assistant Professor, Kozminski University
Anita Prazmowska – Professor in International History, LSE
Wojciech Przybylski – Editor-in-Chief, Visegrad Insight

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Police in Delhi raided the offices of news website NewsClick, detaining journalists over accusations of spreading Chinese propaganda. Johanna Hoes reports on the climate of tense Sino-Indian relations behind the arrests, and the unlikely source of the tip-off.

Why Russia is looting Ukraine’s art

From the moment the Russian invasion began, museum workers in Ukraine knew they were coming for their collections. Tariq Nafi looks into the war being waged against Ukraine’s heritage and history.

Milena Chorna  – Head of the International Exhibitions Department, National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War
Alina Dotsenko – Director, Kherson Regional Art Museum
Ihor Poshyvailo – General Director, Maidan Museum