The Listening Post

The crucial context of Israel’s war on Gaza

A week on from Hamas’s shock assault against Israel and the war that has exploded since, The Listening Post looks at the context, the reporting and the implications.

What we are seeing in the occupied Gaza Strip and Israel has no precedent – the
barbarism, the talk of vengeance, the war crimes. And the signs, all too familiar ones, of journalists succumbing to the pressures under the powers that be.

In this special episode, we delve into the news coverage of the war in Palestine and Israel. We examine the narratives that have emerged since Hamas’s surprise attack – a seismic news event that is destined to take ownership of the date on which it happened – October 7, 2023.

Mariam Barghouti – Writer and Journalist
Daniel Levy – President, US/Middle East Project
Mouin Rabbani – Co-editor, Jadaliyya
Meron Rapoport – Editor, Local Call
Sarah Leah Whitson – Executive Director, DAWN