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Julian Assange: The threat of extradition and politics behind it

The case against Julian Assange is as political as it is legal; where does it go from here? Plus, the social media influencers shaping Kenya’s election.

The High Court in the United Kingdom is debating whether Julian Assange can appeal his extradition to the United States. Press freedom advocates say handing him over would put journalists everywhere at risk.

Tariq Ali – Author, In Defence of Julian Assange
Branko Marcetic – Writer, Jacobin
Anna Loll – Freelance journalist
Holly Cullen – Adjunct professor of law, University of Western Australia

On our radar:

An organisation set up by Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has released a blacklist of politicians, academics and journalists it considers “pro-Russian propagandists”. Producer Johanna Hoes reports on the Ukrainian government’s Kremlin-esque approach to freedom of opinion.

Kenyan elections: Influencers & dangerous disinformation

As the Kenyan election race heats up, producer Ryan Kohls asks if politicians are paying influencers to push disinformation and dangerous propaganda.

Odanga Madung – Fellow, Mozilla
Wanjiru Nguhi – Coordinator, Fumbua Initiative
Mac Otani – Digital strategist, Raila Odinga Campaign
Dennis Itumbi – Digital strategist, William Ruto Campaign