The Listening Post

Russia vs Ukraine: The fog of propaganda and disinformation

Four months into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we analyse the spread of disinformation and the ongoing propaganda war.

On this special edition of The Listening Post, a timeline of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a chronology of our reports – from the build-up, to the invasion, right through the messaging and the media’s news coverage, from around the world.

Max Seddon – Moscow bureau chief, Financial Times
Ekaterina Kotrikadze – News director & host, Dozhd
Terrell Starr – Host, Black Diplomats podcast
Bryan MacDonald – Former journalist, RT
Adam Tooze – Professor of history, Columbia University
Alexey Kovalyov – Investigative editor, Meduza
Branko Marcetic – Writer, Jacobin
HA Hellyer – Scholar, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
Natalia Antelava – Editor-in-chief, Coda Story
Vera Tolz – Professor of Russian studies, University of Manchester
Maria Avdeeva – Disinformation researcher
Melinda Haring – Deputy director of the Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council
James Rodgers – Author, Assignment Moscow
Aglaya Snetkov – Lecturer in the international politics of Russia, UCL