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How a TV moment sparked a diplomatic crisis for India

A spokesperson from India’s ruling party triggers a foreign relations nightmare with a bigoted comment on live TV. Plus, Big Oil’s big lies.

An international backlash from more than 15 Muslim-majority countries is rattling India’s ruling BJP – and it all started with one comment on a news talk show.

Suhasini Haidar – Diplomatic Editor, The Hindu
Nikhil Mehra – Lawyer
Pratik Sinha – Co-founder, Alt News
Hartosh Singh Bal – Political Editor, Caravan Magazine

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There’s a global energy crisis – but it’s not the gas shortages, it’s the pollution and propaganda by Big Oil.

Molly Taft – Staff writer, Earther/Gizmodo
Amy Westervelt – Founder, Critical Frequency Podcast Network & Investigative Journalist
Geoffrey Supran – Research fellow, Harvard University