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India: Why is Gautam Adani so interested in NDTV?

A billionaire becomes the largest shareholder in a news channel in India – what’s the worry? Plus, an Italian news website is challenging much bigger media players.

Gautam Adani – India’s richest man with close ties to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – is in the midst of a takeover of NDTV, a news network considered one of the last bastions of critical journalism on the Indian airwaves. If the sale does go through – what are the chances that Adani will prioritise his relationship with power over the channel’s independence?

Ravi Nair – Journalist & commentator
Raksha Kumar – Mumbai-based journalist
Atul Chaurasia – Executive editor, Newslaundry
Kapil Komireddi – Author, Malevolent Republic

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Meta – the company that owns Facebook – is being sued for nearly $2bn for allegedly not adequately monitoring violent and hateful posts from Ethiopia on its platform. Producer Meenakshi Ravi has the details of the case.

Changing the Face(book) of Italy’s media landscape

In the decade since its birth, Fanpage has grown from a Facebook page to an award-winning investigative news website, gradually reshaping the staid Italian media landscape. Producer Flo Phillips reports, from Naples, on how the Facebook page-turned-news source symbolises a shift in the country’s media.

Gaia Martignetti – Video reporter, Fanpage
Francesco Cancellato – Editor-in-chief, Fanpage
Alessio Cornia – Research associate, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford