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Russia-Ukraine: Navigating the media minefield

As the war in Ukraine drags on, the fog of war gets denser, and nuanced reporting becomes more challenging. Plus, social media influencers tour war-torn Syria.

As the war in Ukraine hits nine months, the news output is becoming harder, not easier, to navigate.

Much of the coverage is misleading at best and dangerous at worst – and with the war showing no signs of stopping, even the term diplomacy has somehow become a dirty word.

Branko Marcetic – writer, Jacobin magazine
Leonid Ragozin – journalist
George Beebe – director of grand strategy, Quincy Institute think tank

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Destination Damascus: Social media tourism arrives in Syria

As travel content out of Syria draws millions of hits online, some Syrians raise concerns about its potential PR benefits. Producer Ahmed Madi explores the curious world of travel vlogging and what looks like a victory lap for Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Paul Nabil Matthis – Syrian-American author and TikTok content creator
Sarah Hunaidi – exiled Syrian writer and communications and advocacy consultant
Davud Akhundzada – travel content creator