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Move fast and break things: Musk shakes up Twitter

Elon Musk’s radical changes at Twitter – breaking rules, laying off staff. How will it end? Plus, exhausting and depressing: the work of climate journalists.

It has been less than a month since Elon Musk took over Twitter – and things do not seem to be going well for “social media’s public square”. With thousands of employees laid off and advertisers pulling money from the platform, many wonder what will be left of Twitter by the time Musk is done?

Lia Holland – Campaigns and communications director, Fight for the Future
Chris Stokel-Walker – Technology journalist  and author, TikTok Boom
Jenna Golden – Founder, Golden Strategies and former Twitter employee
Marwa Fatafta – MENA policy director, Access Now

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Football fans everywhere are turning their attention to Qatar as the 2022 World Cup officially kicks off. Producer Johanna Hoes reports from Doha on the – at times unwanted – media attention Qatar is receiving, and how organisers are attempting to manage the messaging, a PR legacy that will live well beyond December 18th.

As the world overheats, what’s it like to be a climate journalist?

Another COP summit has come and gone and whether approaching climate change from the Global South or North – it is a challenging story to cover. The Listening Post speaks with two journalists who share the relentless effort it takes to report on the world’s most complex issue.

Leo Hickman – Director, Carbon Brief
Elaíze Farias – Journalist, Amazônia Real