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‘Highway to climate hell’: High stakes at COP27

Another year, another COP: big headlines, big promises, but is there any real action? Plus, Prigozhin – the Russian propagandist and mercenary magnate, uncovered.

With world leaders gathered in Egypt for the latest UN climate summit, the agenda could not be clearer. Experts say the policies governments put in place at last year’s conference in Scotland will still leave large parts of the planet uninhabitable. The lack of progress has many questioning the COP process.

Bahar Dutt – Environmental journalist; associate professor, Shiv Nadar University
Asad Rehman – Executive director, War on Want; lead spokesperson, Climate Justice Coalition
Katharine Hayhoe – Chief scientist, The Nature Conservancy
Joanna Depledge – Former programme officer, UN Climate Secretariat; research fellow, Climate Strategies

On our radar:

Egypt is under fire over the case of activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, whose imprisonment has threatened to overshadow proceedings for COP27. Tariq Nafi looks into the case.

Prigozhin: the man doing Putin’s dirty work

Yevgeny Prigozhin is the Russian oligarch best known as the man behind Wagner – a private military company – mercenaries notorious for doing the Kremlin’s bidding overseas. He’s also the creator of a media network which has produced propaganda and misinformation in Russia and abroad.

Ilya Barabanov – Journalist, BBC

Credit: ‘All Eyes On Wagner’ – a project by OpenFacto dedicated to tracking Wagner mercenaries’ activities around the world and their alleged abuses.