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Domestic dissent: The new front in Russia’s information war

In Russia’s war on Ukraine, chaos on the battlefield, confusion in internal messaging. Plus, contested historical narratives that underpin the war.

Inside Russia, the narrative around the “war” is changing.

The pro-war Putin-faithful are grappling with defeats they never expected and generals are taking the flak from public figures, loyalists on state TV channels, and even military bloggers.

Jade McGlynn – Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies
Maxim Alyukov – King’s Russia Institute, King’s College London
Mikhail Fishman – Anchor, Dozhd TV
Katrina vanden Heuvel – Editorial director, The Nation

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Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei finally broke his silence on the protests that have shaken the country for weeks. Producer Flo Phillips analyses Khamenei’s speech – key parts of which he also tweeted – and the repercussions it has had at home and abroad.

Russia: National myths and rewriting history

Last year, the Kremlin published an essay – in Vladimir Putin’s name – arguing that Russians and Ukrainians are of the same Slavic nation. This new historical discourse has been key in the narrative built around the invasion of Ukraine. Producer Tariq Nafi looks into the battle over historical memory in Russia.

Nikita Petrov – Historian and member, Memorial
Yevgenia Albats – Journalist and editor-in-chief, The New Times
Mikhail Myagkov – Scientific director, Russian Military-Historical Society