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Ukraine crisis: Entrenched narratives and a dearth of nuance

Amidst the heated rhetoric around the Ukrainian crisis, there is a risk that nuance is being lost. Plus, speaking with one of the writers of ‘Don’t Look Up’.

The showdown between Russia and Ukraine – part military threat, part information warfare.

Adam Tooze – Professor of History, Columbia University
Vitalii Rybak – Media Analyst, Internews Ukraine
Olga Yurkova – Co-founder,
Bryan MacDonald – Journalist, RT

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Losing the battle of global perception, Israel plans to fund an initiative that would spread Israeli state propaganda across the globe.

‘Don’t Look Up’: Producer David Sirota on the movie and the message

The new film is Hollywood’s take on the climate change story and an explicit critique of journalism that does a more effective job of highlighting the crisis than most media outlets do.

David Sirota – Co-Producer, ‘Don’t Look Up’