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Hong Kong: Broken promises

We look at the erosion of free speech, the squeeze on civil liberties and stringent laws controlling political expression in Hong Kong.

Twenty-four years since Britain handed Hong Kong back to China, the city has undergone a transformation. In recent years, Beijing has intensified the silencing of political dissent and the squeezing of media freedom – through new laws drawn up in the name of security, the jailing of critics, and the reigning in of adversarial journalism.


Chris Yeung – Chairperson, Hong Kong Journalists Association

Bao Choy – Freelance journalist, RTHK

Linda Wong – Journalist, Citizen News

Keith Richburg – Journalism and Media Studies Centre, Hong Kong University; president, Foreign Correspondents Club

Holden Chow – Vice chairman, Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong

Hong Kong: The assault on free speech

Three Hong Kongers talk about the shrinking space for freedom in their city, and the way it has affected their lives and work.


Lee Cheuk-yan – Founder, June 4th Museum

Wong Kei Kwan (Zunzi) – Political cartoonist

Nathan Law – Democracy activist