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Pegasus: Flying on the wings of Israeli ‘cyber-tech diplomacy’?

What was the role of the Israeli state in the spread of an insidious piece of malware? Plus, PR companies and the work they do with controversial governments.

A global cyber-surveillance scandal – spyware developed in Israel – has put the government there under the media microscope, and its story does not add up.

Jonathan Klinger – Cyberlaw lawyer
Marc Owen Jones – Assistant professor, Hamid Bin Khalifa University
Omer Benjakub – Tech & Cyber Reporter, Haaretz
Marwa Fatafta – Policy Analyst, Al Shabaka

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Tunisia is in political turmoil after the president declared a state of emergency – or what critics are calling a coup. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Flo Phillips about how journalists there are feeling the heat.

Africa’s PR Push: How governments manage the message

Handling public relations for governments is lucrative work – and for Western PR firms, Africa has emerged as a new hunting ground.

Alex Magaisa – Former adviser, prime minister of Zimbabwe
Alexander Dukalskis – Author, Making the World Safe for Dictatorship
Kathleen Ndongmo – Communications specialist